Is Romney more pro-immigration than he has been ready to admit?

eb5 visaIn Thursday’s version of the Wall Street Journal, conservative writer Fred Barnes suggested that US Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is not as conservative as is often assumed on immigration law:

“According to a Romney adviser, his private view of immigration isn’t as anti-immigrant as he often sounded.”

This really is interesting for a number of reasons. Romney is more than likely going to be the Republican’s nominee for the impending election against Obama in the fall of 2012 after Rick Santorum, his nearest competitor, withdrew from the race recently. Conservatives are extremely strong on having firmer immigration laws, and so far Romney has been attempting to play towards the audience to be able to acquire the nomination.

What usually occurs with presidential candidates though is the fact that they commonly go to the center when the political election draws near as they attempt to court support with independents and moderates where the vote will probably be decided. Throughout the primary season, what Americans call the nomination process for nominees, Romney had to appeal towards the Republican’s conservative base to obtain sufficient support for the nomination. He will now however need to estimate how much he tries to look to the middle as opposed to to conservatives.

The suggestion by Barnes in the Wall Street Journal shows that Romney’s view is much more in line with moderates than conservatives. The Eb5 visa, which makes it possible for foreign nationals acquire citizenship after investing over $500,000 in a small company or regional center, shouldn’t be impacted by any fresh immigration policy, however the perspective of the potential next president from the United States is vital.

Having distinct private views to the one’s you are espousing in public is all part of the political game, but when the suggestion by Barnes is to be understood, we may be nearer to understanding exactly where Romney really stands on such an problem. He maybe far less opposed to immigration. Read much more information and get guidance on how to submit an application for the Eb5 visa.


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