CISPA Advocates Defend Legislation Against Attack

ESET couponsThe advocates of a brand new internet security bill in congress have defended it against criticism that it might be the next SOPA. SOPA was the bill that got the internet community up in arms regarding the structure of copyright law on line. One of the writers of the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), Representative for Michigan Mike Rogers stated:

“They are so completely different. I think it’s extremely important we deal with the issue of SOPA. Clearly, there is no censorship or shutting any website down. The government doesn’t have any authority in this bill to do anything like this.”

There was anxiety nevertheless among some on the web that the terminology of the CISPA was too extensive and there has actually been plenty of complaints of it in some sectors. Rogers nevertheless feel that the two bills are completely different and is like evaluating “Apples and Oranges.”

The CISPA isn’t related to file sharing of music and songs or video but rather the intellectual property legal rights of engineering products. Corporate piracy and theft is a large part of cyber crime and American businesses are losing lots of cash from this type of cyber crime.

The regulation is a lot more securely concentrated on online protection and plans to help shield business and IP owners from threats on the web. It’s created to help both private companies as well as the government reveal info on the most recent internet risks and assist to create security against attack. It already has support from many companies like Microsoft and Facebook, in addition to many congressmen that the SOPA legislation never really had. The bill has previously passed the committee level and is due to have a vote within the House of Representatives within the next month or so.


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