Google attempt to muscle in on the hosting market

blue hostAs web designers, who also run some of our own web sites, we know internet hosting is really a crucial part to how a web site gets up and running. You will find specialist internet hosts like Blue host, as well as the likes of Hostgator, but big multinational technology firms like AT&T, IBM, Dell and Apple are additionally active in the business. Even the likes of have a small internet hosting arm.

Now Google would like to get involved as well and they’ve been on a national expedition of the United States to exhibit their new deal of software coaching and free of charge web hosting. This week they stopped off in Florida, on the 21st leg of their tour of the US states, looking to drum up business for their new business.

In the Tampa Museum of Art, Google managed some exercise sessions yesterday to aid small business owners get online, and promote their free web hosting to them. Scott Levitan, Google’s small-business group manager of marketing said in regards to the advertisement:

“We estimate 68 percent of businesses in Florida don’t even have a website. Getting those small companies online is good for them, but also good for Google, so users can find them when they go looking for somewhere to eat, or a plumber or anything.”

Concentrating on these kind of states is actually a great idea for the likes of Google as they are able attempt to utilize possible fresh income streams. The tour might make small enterprises, unsure of how to get online, alert to the chances and naturally, Google will advise their website hosting deal as part of their information. There are some good offers around in internet hosting at the moment like the excellent $3.95 per month offer from Blue host I am spending to run my site.

In any case, the more businesses that get online the better as there will hopefully be a lot more work for web designers as well as any website builder!


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