Off Topic – Teacher at risk of being sacked because of his sleep apnea

sleep apnea machineA school teacher from Manatee County, Florida might be fired from his job as a junior high school teacher because of his osa, which may be taken care of using a sleep apnea machine. Robert Singer has been suspended from his employment and is on administrative leave since the district accuses him of drifting off to sleep through classes.

Mr Singer claims that his sleep apnea is the trigger of him going to sleep in the course of the class and considers that it was caused because he’s been looking after his elderly parents. Superintendent Tim McGonegal explained to FOX 13 news however that Singer was routinely cautioned concerning the problem, and had already been presented numerous written warnings and suspensions:

“He is actually unable to stay awake at work. He has bouts where he’ll fall asleep and his role is in the supervision of students in an ISS classroom.”

There is video proof of the school teacher sleeping within the class room and McGonegal, who has had sleep apnea himself, believes it’s unquestionably misconduct that he might be dismissed for.

Singer is located at the Braden River Junior High School in Bradenton but he himself considers that the school board and also the district in general need to have polices set up regarding osa. He thus believes that the school is being very tough in seeking to sack him. McGonegal nevertheless is adamant that as it has been happening for two years (since 2010) and nothing is different, the school is permitted to remove him because he’s not supplying the right high quality of teaching to his pupils. A sleep apnea machine could have helped resolve Singer’s problem long before the suspension, and it will be fascinating to find out how the district handles Singer.


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