Off Topic – Obstructive Sleep Apnea Linked With Major depression Symptoms

sleep apnea machineA new study has found that there might be a connection between the sleep problem OSA and major depression. The study was performed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and took in results from almost 10,000 adults in the 3 years between 2005 and 2008. OSA sufferers, which may be cared for having a sleep apnea machine, were found to possess a substantial relationship with those struggling with depression problems.

Your research was collected from data which was self-reported but some interesting figures came out of the research. Out of those included within the study, 3% of women had obstructive sleep apnea with 8% scoring fairly high scores on depression tests while 6% of men had obstructive sleep apnea, with 5% displaying indications of depression.

It was recommended in the study that those struggling with depression should be examined for OSA just in case, to see whether or not they in fact may need to have a sleep apnea machine.

The report determined nevertheless that further investigation was required in to the causal relationship in between the 2 conditions:

“Additional intervention research is needed to determine whether treatment of sleep disordered breathing among depressed patients will reduce the need for antidepressant medication and improve outcomes.”

It is still a highly significant development and a link which has not ever been proved before. Considering the considerable sample (of just under 10,000), the analysis has developed some convincing results which imply that those with sleep apnea, might also suffer from depression. The research did, additionally uncover that those that suffered from snoring were not impacted like sleep apnea sufferers were by depression.


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