4 Main Ranking Factors (in Google’s Very own Words)

best website builderWith all of the hell which has broken loose since Google’s last Panda update, I believe it is great to remind individuals of some of what Google itself has stated on the issue in the past. In their Webmaster Blog last May, Google offer us with a long list of questions (23 actually) to ask yourself as a site owner. When making your site (employing Senuke and Search engine optimization), and developing content material, keep these four major details in mind which may be deciphered from Google’s own words.

Trustworthiness and Expertise – Can your web site be trustworthy? Does it have good presentation and security? Does it provide quality content material which the user will wish to read? Is such information of a advanced level and is the web site an expert on what it is speaking about?

Article Quality control – Are your posts long sufficient (over 300-500+ words)? Is all of your content original? Is your content material fair? Do you add worth to a particular subject matter?

Web site comparison – When compared with other web sites in your market, is your website of the same level in terms of quality of content material? Do you make certain factual errors and spelling mistakes are decreased to a minimum amount?

Will individuals want to share it? – Following on from the quality and value of the content you are supplying, is it something that will be discussed on social media websites, and social bookmarking websites. A direct quote from Google’s web blog: “Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?”

These 4 points are surely major ranking factors which Google is now using. For Seo (and using Senuke) take heed of their guidance, and make sure you abide by their suggestions.


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