IBM recognizes progress in overall internet safety

best website builderDespite higher malware problems on the Android mobile os in 2011, according to IBM, the general pattern in web safety is 1 of gradual progress. Making use of web protection packages, such as the one you can get with an ESET promo code, and much better site protection has led to IBM reporting that “vulnerabilities” on the internet have decreased over the past year. The technology company has underlined a few statistics to back up their point.

– There has been a 50% fall in cross site scripting weaknesses within the last four years, based on the systems that IBM has assessed. This lowering in XSS weeknesses in software programs is a somewhat misleading statistic though as IBM says that 40% of applications nonetheless have such scripting problems.

– Un-patched software, which is open to attack by viruses and malicious software is also being improved upon. Malicious software can get inside software program applications via errors if software is left un-patched but IBM are discovering a steady drop in un-patched code with only 36% of applications having weaknesses in 2011 compared to 43% in 2010.

– An additional positive is the fact that spam is also decreasing rapidly with a significant 50% drop in only a year between 2011 and 2010. E-mail systems are certainly improving on cutting out such messages.

These improvements are certainly a great sign that internet safety, which may be purchased with an ESET promo code, is handling a lot of the various attacks being thrown at them by online hackers. Still hackers are attempting more and more approaches to get within systems, and 1 of the greatest question marks over the next few years is how secure cloud servers will be against such attacks, with numerous firms looking to host their information on such database centers.


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