Why Written content Really should Be King In Internet Design As well

website builderI know this really is a web design web site, but for most individuals, both utilizing a website builder or designing in html, css and other code, web design is just that, developing a site. Web design is a lot more than making a web site look appealing and presentable. I will keep banging the drum about this as I think it’s essential. MAKE SPACE FOR CONTENT.

Individuals go to a website for the content, not a fancy presentation. Even though it is better to have a presentable design to impress inbound guests, it isn’t the be all and end all. A website builder needs to understand precisely the needs of the client. A client may not actually know what he wants but you have to make things obvious for them.

Each web site, particularly an eCommerce website, has a target audience, a target demographic which the website is aimed at. Therefore it is essential to firstly grab the interest of the visitor with the correct style and then draw them in.

Every website builder I know gets this stage of the process. The following stage nevertheless, is often overlooked or forgotten completely. What makes a great website design is the fact that it assists to help keep individuals on the web site for longer. Clients don’t want to see high bounce rates on their web sites and also the best way a internet designer can ensure this occurs is through permitting space for the content material.

If you know anything about seo is the fact that these days the best way to rank for any keyword or product is by ensuring the content material is of high quality so individuals will share it. If the style of the website, by the website builder, is however taking focus away from the content, this can lead to less individuals sharing the content and consequently less attention on search engines like google.

A practical method is required for every website builder; keep this in thoughts when designing your web sites.


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