AMD hoping to transform the face of web hosting with brand new device

blue hostWeb hosting can turn out to be rather tough if your website is growing at a rapid rate. Numerous internet hosts, like Blue host, offer shared internet hosting which is extremely proficient for the majority of sites, and such internet hosts are greatly praised for the basic services which they are able to offer to customers.

Exponential growth when an online business takes off can however be difficult and AMD are now providing web hosting businesses with a brand new processor which can help scale performances of dedicated hosting extremely successfully. The AMD Opteron 3200 series processor is designed for single socket dedicated hosting and is extremely effective in both assigning power and denser operating conditions.

This means that AMD are supplying desktop Computer style methods for servers in the exact same security levels and trustworthiness as before. You are effectively obtaining a highly efficient, scalable processor which is 19% more power efficient and effectively a two thirds step up from efficiency for the cash you spend.

Exactly what this means in layman’s terms is that if any web site, that has undergone substantial growth, and requires to upgrade from a shared web hosting, like with Blue host, to a dedicated hosting plan, they ought to be able to get a better deal in the not too remote future if some internet hosting businesses utilize the AMD processors and transfer some of the money saved onto the customer. It’ll definitely be a sensible choice as dedicated website hosting can be prohibitive due to the costs and far more people would be encouraged to move onto the plans if the price was lowered.

We will have to see which internet host company will go first in decreasing dedicated web hosting costs.


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