US Announce New Guidelines for Iranian Internet Sanctions

blue hostThe USA Department of the Treasury declared on Tuesday that new guidelines are being developed in relation to what US applications and solutions is permissible as part of the country’s sanctions towards Iran. Through the years there’s been numerous problems that the constraints on internet solutions, such as web hosting from Blue host, in Iran has limited communication and impeded the attempts of reform activists within the country. The subsequent technology, software programa and services are now permissible in Iran, as part of the much less restricted guidelines:

-Browsers (e.g IE9, Chrome, Firefox)
-File Software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
-Messenger Systems like Skype, Windows live, Google Talk
-Data Storage areas
-RSS Feeds and Aggregators
-Plug-ins like Adobe’s Flash Player

Previously, in a law which has been in effect since 1997, the meaning of the sanctions meant that no solutions, goods or technologies could be supplied to Iran. This resulted in many, such as web hosting firms like Blue host, to shut down all connections to the Islamic state.

The result of these actions has, as I’ve said, really limited and restricted the capability of democracy and reform activists in the nation to coordinate, which obviously wasn’t the intention behind the law. The Obama administration’s latest statement to help define the guidelines better is to help support businesses to provide the Iranian people with a minimum of some basic internet features, which under no circumstances conflicts with the overall spirit to help keep sanctions on the regime in the country.

It’s a difficult balancing act needless to say, and far more tactical thinking is required to make sure that the sanctions both do what they’re created to do and isolate Iran politically and financially, but additionally not stop the ability for the Iranian people to easily communicate and assist them to express their views openly along with assisting the organization of opposition groups.


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