Google explains the five errors in Search engine optimization it sees most often

SenukeI’m not especially enamored with Google for a lot of reasons at the moment, which I will not go into on this blog post, however they are least creating some useful videos available, about how Search engine optimization experts can really help their websites in Google rankings. There are many techniques, like Senuke, which individuals use for Seo these days but Google believes that the 5 most common mistakes are the following:

1) No Value Proposition
2) Non integration between Seo and other business methods
3) Utilizing rel=“canonical” to prevent Google indexing duplicate content
4) Targeting search engines like google instead of users
5) Slow to implement site changes

I can agree totally with the first 3 as both 1 and 2 are fairly self evident if you want to have a site succeed on-line, whilst Google offer a solution for number 3.

Number 4 and five I have slightly more issues with however. Considering Google is by far the largest search engine to market your site, saying not to target the search engine is fairly stupid. Of course, content will be the priority and ensuring the website is well created for users is the number one concern.

Not taking into account Google’s algorithm changes is nevertheless very hard to do. Despite focusing totally on great, distinctive, related content material as Google says, numerous websites happen to be punished after many of the newest Panda algorithm modifications. It seems that in the event you do not target the search engines then, you’re just as liable to get demoted. Becoming Google friendly as well as user-friendly is certainly the only way forward.

Taking into consideration that in their next point, in common mistake #5, is about slow iteration, it seems rather odd that Google can criticize you for trying to adapt to their ever changing rankings. In their very own words Google say to “define the metrics for success” and “implement improvements.” The only way to do this effectively in Search engine optimization would be to keep an eye out on what Google are doing, and employ tools like Senuke and others to make certain you stay ahead of the game.

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