Off topic -Some Surprising Figures About the Consequences of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea machineSleep apnea is really a big problem inside the United states today and the implications of the condition go far and wide way past the limits of a doctor’s surgery. 1 of the reasons why sleep apnea is such a big problem is simply because so many individuals go undiagnosed and do not have the advantages of a sleep apnea machine to deal with the issues associated with it.

Ten per cent of the male population in the United States is considered to have sleep apnea, whilst 4% of ladies have problems with the condition. Out of all of those though, almost 2 / 3 are not aware they have got the problem. You might notice symptoms like a lack of energy and sleep deprivation, but because the sleep apnea only wakes you up briefly, on multiple occasions throughout the night, it’s hard for individuals to recognize it.

For this reason, many are afflicted by a lack of sleep which can trigger a number of unforeseen difficulties. Based on the American Sleep Apnea Association, the lowering of productiveness amongst sleep apnea sufferers, which can be as much as 10% down on other individuals, costs the US economy approximately $75billion each year.

Additionally, data also demonstrate that sleep issues, which can include sleep apnea are the cause of 200,000 accidents on the road every year. With numerous of these associated with sleep apnea, maybe as a lot as one quarter, the estimated price of the condition on the roads can be up to $2billion.

So the best advice for anyone who feels sleep deprived even following eight hours of rest, and would class themselves as over weight, could be to consult your local physician so they can check for the condition and see whether or not you might be in need of a sleep apnea machine so you are able to live a much better life.


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