Innovative Internet Design and Development Fads of 2012

website builderWhether you are using a website builder or designing the web site your self, one aspect that is always shifting in web design is the designs and presentation of the web site’s you’re making. There is continuous evolvement in new techniques and design styles, and in this post I will look through a couple of of the leading internet design and development fads which are becoming commonplace on sites in 2012.

One Page Website Design – Navigation has always been a problem in internet design. Web developers, using a website builder or coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript can get way too elaborate with their design, making the presentation absolutely fantastic, with multiple pages and fantastic functions. This nevertheless sometimes sacrifices ease-of-use and the capability to find your way around the site to locate what you want.

Navigation therefore has to take precedence, but this doesn’t need to come at the price of bad presentation when making use of a website builder. Rather internet designers are making use of a single page design so you are able to find your way via all the website’s features without having to click the mouse. Navigation bars, which make it look like a multiple page format, but are in fact on 1 page, are very popular amongst web designers currently.

High Res Images – As I have mentioned in a prior post, internet designers are currently very into utilizing hi-res images and photos on their websites when either utilizing a website builder or coding a site themselves. With many using tablets with HD screens, and the new iPad getting a retina display, internet designers will need to add these detailed images so as the presentation of their web sites look better on these mobile devices.

Typefaces and Typography – Usually an essential part of internet design, the use of the right fonts and typography when utilizing a website builder, is essential for presentation purposes and to make people want to read the writing itself. Even though old school slab typefaces have been in and out of fashion over the years, 2012 has noticed a proliferation of internet designers using the font type.


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