Fresh Style OSA Surgery from a Texas Doctor

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OSA may be a difficult condition to help remedy and there are many different options such as a sleep apnea machine, which utilizes continuous positive airway pressure to open up the air passage, whilst a sleep apnea mouthpiece pushes the mandible forward to alleviate the sufferer from airway blockage.

Within the most severe instances where a sleep apnea machine is not enough, surgery perhaps required and it can be a tricky process to open up the air passage either through the realignment from the nasal passage or through any removal of a throat obstruction.

A surgeon from Houston, Texas has come up with a brand new style sleep apnea surgical procedure. Dr Ron Karni who operates at the Texan Medical Center, is employing a 3D monitor and a remote control to move a little robot to reach out and remove the obstruction using the robotic device’s camera and arms.

The regular surgery is a lot more imprecise than this new method simply because surgeons have to cut open a part from the throat and cannot see a great deal of what’s going on within. The device, using the 3D camera, allows the physician to eliminate the obstruction a lot more accurately than ever before, which means a sleep apnea machine will not be needed in future. All in all, the surgery takes barely an hour, has a relatively brief time to recover from and likened to having tonsils taken out.

With this surgery looking like a very promising answer for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers, Karni has really made the best use of the newest technologies accessible to him, and it ought to help quite a few who have had to experience some tough nights of sleep because of the issues that arise from the condition.


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